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06 February 2013 @ 02:12
Fandom Level: Task 01  
I have signed up to the following:

A computer game levelling system based fandom challenge community. This is my first task. I have signed up to do 80, to reach Level 10.

Task: 01
Trope/Kink: Age regression.
Creator: LickleSoxy
Fandom: Pokémon
Character: Pikachu
Rating: G
Medium: Digital Art
Note: Rather than de-aging a human character, I chose to de-evolve a Pokémon instead.


antraziantrazi on 6th February 2013 12:11 (UTC)
Even with absolutely no intrerest in the fandom, wee!Pikachu is cute. And I admit I'm intrigued by the idea of fandom-level
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 6th February 2013 18:55 (UTC)
:) Pichus are absolutely adorable in the show. You should go and check it out. It's for all fandoms, and you can do a minimum of 8 tasks based on a trope/kink list to get Level 1 (where you get a badge). It goes all the way up to 388 (or something like that) tasks (basically, 388 separate tropes with one fanwork for each), for Level 49 :)
antraziantrazi on 6th February 2013 19:43 (UTC)
Yeah, I did that. I'm just waiting for the answer to a question before I sign up