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23 June 2012 @ 18:03
Fanfiction: Blue (2)  
Title: Blue (Chapter Two)
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Gabriel/Sam
Rating: R
Warnings: Male pregnancy, abortion attempts, violence, blood, OC deaths, swearing.
Previous: 1
Next: 3
Note: Chapter betaed by blackmagic661
Summary: Someone, or something, has drawn the Winchesters and archangels to a strange device capable of impregnating anything it touches. Sam and Gabriel end up coming into contact with it, and Sam becomes pregnant. The problem is, this thing inside Sam is only part human, and him having it to term is likely to kill him. When primary attempts to remove the creature all fail, everyone must find another way of getting rid of the hybrid child before it's born, especially when they figure out just who has plans for it once it comes of age.


Chapter Two

The first thing that registered in his mind was the cold. It wasn't unpleasant, but comfortable wasn't an accurate descriptor either. It was just there, and he wanted it gone.

The second thing he noticed was the fact that his eyes were closed, meaning he'd done one of two things: woken up from sleep, or woken up from unconsciousness. The latter was almost certainly the correct one, but Sam was capable of being rather optimistic when he wanted to be. Right now, he was enjoying imagining that he hadn't been forced from consciousness, as having the choice of whether to be among the sleeping was only good when, of course, it was decidedly his decision.

Sam kept his eyes closed and his body motionless as he tried to recall the last memories he had of the time before his dive into blackness. It was an eerie place, filled with nothing of any use. That frustrated him greatly. Having a blank spot in his memories was never a brilliant sign.

Attention shifting when he heard the faint sound of murmurs coming from around him, Sam realised that they appeared distant but familiar. Though the mumblings weren't entirely comprehensible right at the very moment, the tones of them didn't give Sam the immediate sense of panic he usually had when he awoke to find himself tied up somewhere. Given that his wrists didn't feel like they were in any pain due to restraints added to Sam's ease, because it meant that, wherever he was, it couldn't be that bad.

Licking his lips and concentrating, Sam focused all of his energy on trying to discern whether he could understand what the voices were saying. He didn't care to draw any attention to himself, or the fact that he was awake, because that wasn't important. Relaxing his muscles as much as he could, whilst still maintaining a tautness in his limbs that would allow him to jump into action if the situation called for it, Sam made sure to breathe as quietly as he could so he'd be able to hear what was being said.

"You need to calm down."

Surprise flitted into him. Sam had to forcibly stop his eyes from opening when his mind conjured up an image of the speaker in his memories. It was Adam. But something in that statement seemed off, as if the information were wrong. Yes, it was Adam's vocal chords, his voice, but the person doing the speaking was not Adam. There was another being inside of Adam, using him as a mouthpiece, possessing him because he was an adequate enough match to Dean's DNA to be used as a vessel.

Sam blew out an inaudible sigh. The name of the person speaking was Michael.

"Why the hell should I calm down when it's your dick of a brother that turned it on?"

And that was Dean.

Sam had to admit that, when he thought about it, knowing who was speaking wasn't actually all that helpful. He could not for the life of him work out why he'd lost consciousness, meaning his best bet for getting answers would be to inform the people in the room that he was, indeed, among the conscious.

Opening his eyes slowly in case there were any bright lights - having opened them rapidly many a time, only to have to snap them shut again instantly due to the bombardment of sudden pain created, he'd learnt to let his vision adjust first - and blowing out a breath that he purposely made loud, Sam turned his head slightly. Relieved to find that the room was lit dimly, he blinked in fast succession a few times to allow his eyes to focus properly. After a second or so his gaze was drawn to Dean.

Noting the worry in his brother's expression, Sam assumed that his earlier assessment of why he'd been unconscious had been correct. If he'd been asleep, Dean wouldn't be directing concern at him. Letting his gaze move past Dean, Sam found his mouth opening of its own accord as he spotted Lucifer and Michael standing off to the side, by the window. The array of images that flashed through his mind, of archangels, messages and blue specks of light, was both sudden and startling.

Sam gasped. There had been screaming - too much screaming - and blue, followed by pain and darkness. His body had been attacked, hit with a pain that was like nothing he'd ever had the misfortune of experiencing before. It had hurt; not just physically, but mentally too. It was as if the device had been clawing at his thoughts.

Holding back the flinch as he remembered the touch of those lights, Sam forced his body up into a sitting position. He needed to regain some sort of control. His head was aching, his skin felt like it was on fire, and there was a tiny part of his mind that seemed to be trying to bring his attention to something else. Was he forgetting something? He knew of the device and the lights, so that wasn't the problem. Maybe it was a person he was failing to recall? Dean was fine. Lucifer and Michael were chatting away about something or other. Turning his head a touch, Sam found Raphael kneeling down by an unmoving body.


Shock was not a feeling that Sam enjoyed having. It was sudden and unexpected, and there was nothing that could be done to prevent it. That was the emotion Sam found pouring into him as he stared at the sprawled out figure on the ground. Gabriel wasn't dead, from what he could tell. Though, Sam understood that archangels and angels didn't necessarily work the same way. When angels were killed, their wings became shadowed silhouettes on the floor around them. Perhaps it was different for archangels?

"Forget him, Sam. Are you okay?" Dean asked.

Turning back to Dean, Sam stared blankly for a couple of seconds, before he realised that he was supposed to reply.

"I'm fine."

Dean nodded, but he didn't look in the least bit convinced.



Gabriel was dreaming.


Well, that was the activity that he assumed he was doing, since he couldn't think of a more suitable explanation for what he was currently partaking in. There was but one problem to his idea, though: Gabriel wasn't able to sleep. Sleep was a physical act made impossible for his species, because it was not needed. Even if he could go into a state very similar to what humans did for rest - he could, but he didn't do it often - then it still couldn't be called sleep, as it wasn't necessary for him to do, nor was it related to exhaustion or energy restoration.

The act of dreaming was even more impossible, despite the definition of the word having a meaning that denied it being possible for anything to be less likely than it. Gabriel enjoyed putting them into levels of impossibility, although it was illogical. There were those that simply couldn't be achieved, then there were those that were ridiculous to even think of achieving, because they required another impossible task to be done primarily before they could begin to come into affect. Not many things fell into the former category; even fewer landed in the latter.

So, obviously, he knew that he wasn't actually dreaming, but his mind couldn't construct another word that would describe the events happening. If he were being completely honest, he thought it was peculiar. The idea that something had managed to twist his thoughts around, before pushing them within his own self, was bizarre; frightening, also.


Gabriel couldn't deny that, shockingly, it was rather boring inside his head. Unless he wasn't in his own mind, of course, meaning he'd just been taken to an extremely dull location instead.

Looking around at the nothingness surrounding him, Gabriel absently wondered how he was standing up if there wasn't any kind of material for him to be perched on. There was literally nothing here. No ground was settled under his feet, no objects lay in front of him, and there was a distinct lack of colour. A feeling of slight panic was creeping through him. There was something wrong going on here. What he was staring at wasn't a blank white, or utter blackness. It was something else, something he wasn't quite able to describe, and that made him feel vulnerable. Gabriel loathed not being able to understand what was going on.

Attempting to remember what had occurred prior to his waking up in this location didn't help, as there appeared to be some sort of door blocking his way to the memories. The block was strong, much too powerful for him to break, and that scared him. Fear didn't come lightly, what with him being an archangel, but right now it was free to grab control. There must be a power at work that had knowledge beyond Gabriel's intelligence; that probability only fueled his terror.


Eyebrows rising a smidgen, Gabriel was hit with bemusement as something quiet started niggling at the back of his mind. He let the confusion come, since it was the more comfortable emotion of the options he had at this very moment.


Practically a whisper in his ears, Gabriel wasn't quite able to make out the statement. He needed to figure it out. The chance that it was saying something that would explain this bewildering outcome to whatever the hell had happened, that he couldn't remember, was at least somewhat high, and Gabriel was confident that it would ease some of his fear if he had just a single piece of information about what he was dealing with.

Allowing himself to focus on the thing running through his mind, rather than concentrating on the area around him, Gabriel closed his eyes. They darted open again moments later when, with great alarm, Gabriel realised what the presence was trying to do.

Mixing in with the memories he already had, it was attempting to manipulate its own motives in with his, essentially making him believe that they were his ideas and thoughts to begin with.

Not caring to squash it back when the terror returned immediately, Gabriel felt a chill run through him as his initial panic increased. He couldn't move. His limbs were stuck in place, not movable, and they had probably been that way from the second he'd woken up. How he hadn't realised, Gabriel didn't know, but that wasn't high on his list of priorities now. Feeling the brush of a tingling sensation touch the tips of his fingers, before growing in sensation and moving into his hands and arms, Gabriel did the only thing that he could think to try and regain any control.

Opening his mouth to shout out anything that came to mind, be it a curse, a cry for help, or a spell, he felt his blood run cold as his throat constricted, refusing to let any sound escape. This was pathetic on too many levels. He was an archangel, for Heaven's sake. What the hell was capable of holding his powers down so effectively, creating disorientation in his memories, and making him so incredibly helpless?

Protect the child.

Gabriel understood what the words were, this time. Letting his confusion increase, Gabriel's mind instantly categorised a list of every child he'd ever encountered. Most were human, so he discounted them as being the culprits for this little shenanigan. There were a couple he could name that had some power, but not enough to overpower him. In fact, there wasn't a single child he knew of that could harm him. Biting back the curse, Gabriel began changing his tactics. Given the nature of the sentence, there was a large chance that the child in question had no idea of what was going on. It could simply be oblivious to the lengths that another person was going to, to get it this so called protection that it needed.

Gabriel snorted. That still left him at square one, with no knowledge of who was trying to take control of him. All he knew was that he was getting more furious with every passing second, but that was a good thing. Anything was better than fright.

How dare something try and take control of him. He was his own being; the only person allowed to use his body and mind for whatever means he wanted them for. His Grace was his, solely, and there wasn't a single thing on Earth, in Heaven, or Hell, that could put a claim on him without his explicit permission. Even his father had forfeited any rights to his will when He decided that absence was the best form of communication.

The problem was that, no matter how much fury coursed through him, Gabriel was hopeless against the tampering currently going on in his head. And that was infuriating.

He could practically feel his memories transforming and ripping apart, before reconnecting in patterns that weren't correct. Though there wasn't any pain, or any distinguishing pressure he recognised, he still noticed that there was a foreign thing inside of him that was making edits to his mind.

Above all else, when it came down to raw emotion, Gabriel understood that horror was the most significant one he was producing in reaction to the presence. The changes weren't registering as changes, because the moment his memories were pieced back together with the alterations, he believed them to be true. Having no physical or mental evidence to tell him which thoughts were false and which were fact, Gabriel was utterly helpless.

For all he knew, by the time it was done with him, it could have completely destroyed his sense of identity and replaced it with a new one. And he wouldn't know any different.


There was something very wrong about this situation. Ignoring the fact that there was an unconscious archangel on the floor, and that earlier, Sam had also been knocked out by a device that nobody even knew the name of, there was the underlying evidence in the atmosphere of the room that proved the lack of right. Sam had an incline that Raphael, Lucifer and Michael still being present might have had a lot to do with the overall feeling of bad.

If either of the three of them had spent any time at all in trying to convince Sam or Dean to agree to becoming vessels, then Sam wouldn't have held a hint of concern. Neither one had so much as mentioned the Apocalypse, or any events that would need to occur in order for it to happen properly. Instead, Raphael had taken to sitting beside his unconscious brother, and if the intense look of concentration his features had contorted into was anything to go by, he was committed to determining why Gabriel had not woken yet.

From what Sam could tell, Lucifer and Michael appeared to be taking turns in coming up with explanations as to what the device was. Having quickly moved on from speaking in a language that Sam was fluent in, they were conversing in what Sam assumed was their mother tongue. Due to this, Sam's idea of what they were speaking about was pure speculation.

He hadn't gotten over his surprise at how friendly they were being with each other. Knowing just exactly who they were, and having had experience with their history, Sam wasn't able to remove his disbelief. Why weren't they fighting? They weren't even arguing, for crying out loud.

"You okay?"

Dean's question pulled him from his thoughts, and Sam blew out an exasperated sigh as he turned to look at him. He needed a good distraction right now; Dean's constant questioning of his health would have to do.

"Man, that's like the seventh time you've asked me that," he said, not bothering to mask his annoyance. What it was that was irritating him had nothing to do with Dean, but he needed to vent his emotions on someone. Since the other options were the three archangels, Dean was the logical source to dump his frustration on.

Dean shrugged, which was a relief. It was clear from his body language that he understood Sam's state of mind.

"Can't blame me. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if, when we get back to the motel, you suddenly go terminator on me or something."

Raising an eyebrow in disbelief, the effect was ruined by the smile that had crept onto Sam's face.


Dean smirked. Shaking his head and trying to keep his smile in place, Sam's joy didn't last as long as he had wished it would. He couldn't stop his eyes moving back to Gabriel, nor could he prevent his expression lowering into a frown. No matter how hard he desired to just get up and leave, he knew that he shouldn't - or couldn't, though it didn't matter which term was used, since he was going to stay anyway. Mere curiosity would be enough to keep Sam here until he had answers to all his questions, but he understood that Dean would take more convincing.

Moving to stand up, and pointedly ignoring Dean's offered hand by letting out a light huff to convey that Dean need not be insulted by the action, Sam stretched out his back and legs. Letting out a tiny moan of pleasure as his muscles pulled in just the right way, he quickly relaxed his body before blowing out a long breath.


Holding up a hand to halt Sam's words, Dean's features displayed the distinct stubbornness he held whenever he knew Sam was about to suggest something he wouldn't like.

"Whatever it is, Sam, save it. We're getting out of here."

Any protest Sam had was cut off by another voice.

"I don't think so."

Both Winchesters turned to Michael, and Sam was certain that Dean looked as pissed as he felt. What was Michael's deal? First off, he treats them with bored contempt, as though merely speaking to them is a waste of time; then he blatantly ignores them when something odd happens that no one can explain. And now, what? Was he suddenly going to start spouting off reasons why Dean should say yes to him, even though the Apocalypse hadn't even been mentioned since everyones' arrival here?

"So, what? We just going to hang around here until sleeping beauty wakes up?" Dean asked, his tone sharp. Sometimes, Sam was very grateful that Dean could be as defiant as he was, what with everything he'd been put through. It was admirable.

"Yes," Lucifer answered.

Sam stared at him. It wasn't possible that they were being serious. Gabriel wasn't important to either Michael or Lucifer. Sure, he would probably be a decent ally if he decided to choose a side to be on, but unless Gabriel's modus operandi had suddenly changed since the last time they'd spoken, the archangel was not going to get himself involved in the fight. Unless there was an ulterior reasoning behind Lucifer's desire to stay, then it didn't make much sense.

"Why?" Sam had to ask it. He wanted to understand the situation. Whether this was going to end in a huge fight, or whether it was going to finish with them all having a better understanding of what had actually happened to him and Gabriel, Sam wanted to have some former knowledge of what to anticipate. Having at least the power to try and prepare for the following events was preferred to being taken by utter surprise.

"If you leave before he wakes up, he'll destroy half this continent in search of you," Raphael said. After his mind actually registered what the words were, Sam considered that the tone Raphael had used was far too calm for his liking.

"What?" Dean voiced exactly what was running through Sam's thoughts. Grateful that Dean could articulate any kind of speech in response to what Raphael had stated, Sam continued to just stand there dumbstruck.

Raphael's expression contorted in irritation. "I'm certain you're not deaf."

"No," Sam started, finding his voice suddenly. "Dean meant... why? Why would Gabriel care about where we are?" This conversation had turned baffling; horrifying, too, if Sam thought about it too much. Not only did they have the three eldest archangels after them, trying to persuade them into becoming vessels, but now the only extremely powerful person they'd ever met that hadn't purposely sought them out to attack them in some way was going to start trying to kill them too, and was willing to slaughter millions to do it?

Yes, Gabriel had tried to force them into doing what his brothers wanted, but only because Sam and Dean had mistakenly bumped into him. Gabriel had only ever tracked them down if they happened to be in the same town as him. Apparently, whatever the device was had changed that, and now they had yet another being after their blood. Unfair wasn't accurate enough to describe this turn of events.

"We think it's programmed him," Michael explained, gesturing towards the device that lay at Sam's feet. Startled, Sam took an involuntary step away from the object. He'd forgotten all about it. Looking at it now, it appeared as uninteresting as before, but Sam couldn't help but feel that it had a sinister air surrounding it. It seemed that dropping the thing had not caused to it smash into a thousand pieces; Sam was slightly perturbed by that revelation.

"Programmed?" he asked, tone unsure.

"We should leave." Sam hadn't been around Lucifer many times, but even he had a feeling that urgency was not something that the archangel displayed often. Gaze snapping to Lucifer instantly, Sam was struck with the notion that he and his brother had just been dumped with a responsibility that neither wanted, as Lucifer vanished from sight, and the door he'd previously removed made a reappearance. Without any given warning, both Michael and Raphael copied the action of fleeing, and Sam was left staring at emptiness.

The complete sense of helplessness that immediately seeped into him was not wanted. Tearing through his body as an icy shock, it shot into his thoughts and carved a place there. Breaths coming out in quick pants, Sam attempted to make sound come from his mouth, but he had no idea as to what he could say that would help.

He absently noted Dean shouting 'Son of a bitch', though that wasn't anything new. It had been established that angels and archangels alike were all useless, arrogant dicks, who weren't to be trusted. With the exception of Castiel, every other celestial being they'd come into contact with had been total assholes. That was why Sam didn't understand the surprise he was feeling. To be fair, he had an incline that he should be very grateful that they'd departed, because it gave him and Dean the opportunity to go into hiding once again. The relief was trumped quite considerably, though, by fear.

What the hell was capable of making archangels turn tail and run?

To Be Continued

mangacrack: bloodymangacrack on 23rd June 2012 14:42 (UTC)
Three very cautious archangels, even civil ... and someone (or something) is tampering is with Gabriel. Loved the comment about "If you leave before he wakes up, he'll destroy half this continent in search of you," ... a hint of a possessive archangel towards Sammy ... let's see if Sam survives that if Gabriel wakes up now and doesn't know what happened to him.

Edited at 2012-06-23 18:42 (UTC)
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 23rd June 2012 16:55 (UTC)
Cautious archangels = bad, hehe. Glad you did! It's hard not to be possessive over Sammy, I think, haha X)

Thanks for commenting! ♥
candylovinangelcandylovinangel on 23rd June 2012 17:07 (UTC)
Loving this so far! Cant wait to
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 23rd June 2012 17:50 (UTC)
Glad you are, and I hope you continue to do so :D

Thanks for the comment, and the Add :)
candylovinangelcandylovinangel on 27th August 2012 15:55 (UTC)
Is ther going to be an update soon? *bouncing a bit*
LickleSoxy: Pinkielicklesoxy on 28th August 2012 19:16 (UTC)
There is! I've already updated on my FF.Net account, but I just need to sort out the formatting for LJ and it'll be up here :) Sorry about the wait x
candylovinangelcandylovinangel on 29th August 2012 15:23 (UTC)
what's your FF account? I must seeee
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 30th August 2012 09:51 (UTC)
I'm LickleSoxy on there, same as here.

Here's the link to the story, if you want it: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8182576/1/Blue :)
Jacquelyn: Richard & Jaredcastielfaii on 6th July 2012 19:28 (UTC)
I didn't know you updated this lol can't wait for more
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 7th July 2012 08:21 (UTC)
Haha :) Glad you're still enjoying it!
Leaheridanie on 6th August 2012 04:02 (UTC)
Ooh very fascinating! I can't wait to see what happens next!
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 7th August 2012 09:57 (UTC)
Very glad you think so :D Thanks for commenting x
Lorrainelunabee34 on 1st September 2012 17:06 (UTC)
Ooooooooh, suspenseful. :) This is a great beginning.
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 1st September 2012 17:32 (UTC)
Thank you :D