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03 June 2012 @ 19:49
Fanfiction: Blue (1)  
Title: Blue (Chapter One)
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Gabriel/Sam
Rating: R
Warnings: Male pregnancy, abortion attempts, violence, blood, OC deaths, swearing.
Next: 2 | 3
Note: Chapter betaed by blackmagic661
Summary: Someone, or something, has drawn the Winchesters and archangels to a strange device capable of impregnating anything it touches. Sam and Gabriel end up coming into contact with it, and Sam becomes pregnant. The problem is, this thing inside Sam is only part human, and him having it to term is likely to kill him. When primary attempts to remove the creature all fail, everyone must find another way of getting rid of the hybrid child before it's born, especially when they figure out just who has plans for it once it comes of age.


Chapter One

The device was small. Holding no memorable decoration on its outer surface, or any kind of visible mechanism that could be used to open it, the object was round and appeared to be rather unremarkable, if Sam were being perfectly honest. Eyebrows scrunching up into a frown as he inspected it, Sam couldn't help the sigh that passed from his lips when further scrutiny drew a complete blank.

He had no idea as to what the thing could be, nor did he know its name. As far as he was concerned, the object could be a weapon, or just as easily be some sort of ornament. There were no physical clues that pointed out its use; it was incredibly frustrating. Shaking his head and moving his attention away from the device for a moment, Sam found his gaze locking on to Dean as he tried to figure out a way of obtaining all the answers required.

Dean was currently occupied with searching the rest of the room for any evidence that would give them an explanation as to the importance of this location. The place was a dump, and that was putting it politely. Having been abandoned over two decades ago, the building was unlisted on any of the maps they had of this town. It was as though it didn't exist; that it had been made invisible to the outside world so no one would pay it a second thought.

That knowledge alone made both Winchesters wary of the place, since experience told them that such buildings were usually home to all manner of creatures. Regardless of their concerns, they had ventured inside, curious as to what was held within.

Also, it helped that Cas had been the one to give them a message about this building and the device inside. Apparently, whatever it was had caught the attention of the archangels; anything that was important enough to capture their interest needed to be investigated.

If the device was a weapon, Sam and Dean knew that they couldn't afford to let it get in the hands of any one of the archangels. Of course, they understood that Michael and Lucifer were the ones they truly needed to keep it away from, but both also knew that Raphael and Gabriel weren't to be trusted either. Considering all four had expressed some level of desire for the Apocalypse to take place, letting them get hold of a potential weapon was out of the question.

Rubbing a hand over his heated face, revelling a touch at the coolness of his fingers, Sam shook his head again, before returning his gaze back to the tiny ball that was the reason for their being here. It appeared harmless, but images could be deceiving. Even the most soft and delicate of objects could turn out to have the means to kill, given the correct circumstances.

"Can't go anywhere these days without bumping into you two muttonheads, huh?"

Jumping slightly as the voice burst into the room, Sam hastily attempted to squash down his shock as he spun around until he was facing an extremely familiar sight. With a smirk lighting up his face and one eyebrow lifted firmly in amusement, Gabriel stood by the only window in the room. His entire demeanour seemed relaxed, as if neither Sam or Dean posed even the tiniest hint of a threat. In reality, Sam knew that this was mostly true, because neither he or his brother had any holy oil on them, or any type of weapon that would be affective against an archangel.

"Get lost, Gabriel," Dean said, tone indicating his sudden irritation. From the corner of his vision Sam could see the way Dean's shoulders had tensed. Dean wasn't even trying to hide the hostility he had towards Gabriel, if the glare was anything to go by. Sam couldn't blame him for holding a grudge, though, considering it was utterly excusable. Hell, Sam wasn't particularly happy to see the guy, though he suspected he was doing a much better job of concealing his annoyance.

"And hello to you, too," Gabriel replied, turning to look at Dean with a wide grin.

"We're not letting you take it."

Sam did not mean for that to be spoken out loud. Trying hard to prevent himself from cringing, Sam's mind ran through the words and the way in which he had said them. Voice hard and uncompromising, it seemed that his mouth and vocal chords had been working on automatic. Although his mind didn't want to direct Gabriel's attention to the device, a part of him - the part that controlled what he said, apparently - knew that getting straight to the point was the best option. Beating around the bush never solved anything.

Lifting his head as Gabriel locked eyes with him, Sam was not prepared for what he saw in Gabriel's gaze. He seemed to actually be contemplating the comment, as though it was a puzzle that needed his full concentration to work out.

Confusion washed into Sam instantly. Not quite able to stop his head from tilting just a tad as he tried to remain calm and uncaring, Sam understood that it would do no good to get into a shouting match with the archangel. What Gabriel was doing made no sense, but Sam couldn't let his want for an immediate explanation take control.

A moment passed, then Gabriel's smirk lowered into a strange smile. "Take what?"

This time, Sam was not able to cover up his reaction at all. Eyes narrowing a bit, mouth opening, then closing rapidly a mere second later, he huffed out an inaudible scoff as he tried to wrap his mind around the question. Gabriel was being deliberately dense, surely? The information about the archangels having interest in the device had come from the Winchester's second most reliable source. Unless the message had been misinterpreted somehow, Gabriel trying to misdirect Sam and Dean with a false pretence didn't make any identifiable sense.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe you're just here for a party, yeah?" The sarcasm dripping from Dean's tongue did not go unnoticed. The scowl his features had twisted into wasn't exactly subtle either.

The frown that met Dean's reply was unexpected, as was Gabriel's response to it.

"I'm here because you two asked me to meet you here."

"What?" Both Sam and Dean spoke the word simultaneously and, even if their expressions weren't visible, it would have been obvious from their tones that they thought Gabriel's answer was ridiculous. Staring at Gabriel dumbly for a moment, Sam then looked to Dean for any kind of reasoning behind that reply. What on Earth was Gabriel talking about? Judging from Dean's expression, it was clear his brother had no clue, just as he didn't.

"I'm guessing that's news to you?" Gabriel asked, and Sam was surprised to find that all manner of joy had left the archangel's face. This was serious, it seemed, if someone had gone to the trouble of tricking the three of them here; Gabriel understood this.

"Gabriel, we-" Cutting off abruptly when he caught sight of another person that had suddenly appeared in the room, Sam's eyes went wide. He had to force himself not to take a step back as his mind instantaneously identified who it was. Without a seconds hesitation, Gabriel turned on the spot so he could, Sam assumed, greet Michael. Watching as Gabriel's shoulders sagged in what appeared to be frustration, Sam's initial idea of what Gabriel was about to do was flawed.


Michael blinked slowly, and the bored expression on his face didn't change. "Nice to see you too, Gabriel."

Before Sam or Dean could say anything, Gabriel released a sigh.

"Let me guess: some mook gave you a message telling you to come here to this little get together. And, probably, in the next few minutes, anyone else who's been duped into coming here is going to turn up, and we're all going to be mutilated or killed in some inventive way," Gabriel stated. For some reason, be it just for show or not, he seemed utterly bored by the conversation all of a sudden, as if the events unfolding weren't worthy of his time.

It took a while for the words to sink in; even longer for them to register as a warning. His mind shuffled them around and sifted through each syllable, disregarding the unimportant adjectives, verbs and other lexis, before creating a couple of sentences that confirmed a startling idea. Gabriel had put every piece of this odd display of events together, and come up with the result of it amounting to being a huge trap.

Sam knew that the archangels were intelligent; it would be pathetic to think otherwise. They were all thousands of years old, at the very least, and had the entire world at their fingertips to use as a means of learning. Despite their personalities and flaws, this one fact was obvious: they would retain the ability to be rapid thinkers when the occasion demanded it.

Sam was still surprised at how dumbstruck he became when he realised exactly how fast Gabriel had caught on to the truth that this could be a trap for them all. Even Sam hadn't come to that conclusion, until it had been pointed out. Upon speculation, Gabriel's assumption was the only explanation for someone going to the effort of creating fake messages for them, that fit perfectly to answer all of his questions.

"Well, this should be interesting then."

The cold dread that washed through him instantly upon hearing that voice was not welcome. It shot down his spine and through his nerves, leaving an icy feeling in its wake, and causing his body to react in an unpleasant way. At once he felt weak and alone. Pulling in a deep breath in the attempt to calm his physical self down, Sam tried to even out his breathing and settle his heart rate. This was stupid. Why was he reacting in such a way? He was supposed to have more control than this.

Slowly turning to the source of the voice, Sam absently noted that the other three occupants of the room had already moved to stare at Lucifer with mixed amounts of suspicion or horror.

"Hello, Sam," Lucifer greeted, allowing a small smile to rise into place in a display of friendly politeness.

"Lucifer." Sam wasn't able to stop himself from saying the name. Acting as a type of confirmation that this was real, that he was currently standing in a room with the one person on the planet that he needed to avoid more than anything, Sam couldn't help it when his voice cracked. This wasn't happening; this couldn't be happening. It was impossible. But Sam understood that, no matter what he wished, he couldn't pretend that this was all some kind of messed up nightmare, and that he would wake up in some dank motel room somewhere.

Michael and Lucifer were in the same location. They were together, in one small room, and there was not a single thing that Sam could think to do to make that fact change. Honestly, he knew that, if it came down to a fight, Michael had at least some advantage, being in a vessel that was closely related to his intended one. That didn't matter in the long run, though. If the two archangels decided to get down to business right here and now, the likelihood of it ending well was so far below low that it probably reached impossible.

Thinking about it, Sam came to the conclusion that this situation couldn't get much worse; there was no way he was expressing that opinion to the others. He'd had plenty of experience to know that everything was capable of becoming worse, given the right actions, and there wasn't a chance in Hell he was going to jinx his and Dean's predicament.

"You shouldn't have come here," Michael finally said, as he locked eyes with Lucifer. Snapping his attention away from Sam, the falter in Lucifer's smile did not go unnoticed; the almost cheery expression didn't fade completely.

"I see you got yourself an alternative vessel. I'd accuse you of cheating, if I didn't know you better."

Michael actually smiled at the comment, which baffled both Winchester brothers. Michael and Lucifer appeared to be being civil towards each other... Well, as civil as two brothers who wanted to rip each other apart could possibly be.

"And that's the full house."

Sam frowned. Then, his confusion over the exclamation only rising, he turned to Gabriel with a questioning gaze. Gabriel's eyes were focused on something on the other side of the room, and when Sam let his gaze turn to see what he was looking at, his bemusement hit even higher levels than before. There was nobody there. That was, until the unmistakable sound of wings filtered around the area for the briefest of seconds; Sam only heard it because he'd been concentrating on figuring out what Gabriel had meant by his words.

Disbelief pouring into him in masses, Sam cringed as Raphael appeared in the exact location that Gabriel had been looking at. Blowing out a calming breath, ignoring the cool air that brushed past his lips, Sam tried to come to terms with everything. This was beyond ridiculous. Who the hell wanted all four archangels in a single room, at the same time? Were they expecting entertainment in the form of a massacre of the surrounding town, when the four started trying to kill each other?

"I think we better go."

Jerking involuntarily when Dean whispered in his ear, Sam grunted in mild irritation as he twisted to glare at his brother. Dean had managed to walk over to Sam without him noticing. With his heart beating much too fast, and the sweat that had been building up on his forehead making itself know in the form of a trickle moving down the side of his flushed face, Sam mentally cursed. He was already on edge right now, so he didn't need to have Dean sneaking up on him and scaring him half to death. Despite his anger, Sam didn't say anything.

Dean was right.

The reason for their being here didn't matter, and neither did the repercussions that would entail due to the archangels all meeting up. Sam and Dean's survival came first. Right now they were at an extremely high risk of getting killed, or worse. The best course of action would be for them both to get out of the line of fire.

Giving his brother a quick nod, Sam watched as Dean's lips pursed, before he began edging slowly towards the door that would lead to freedom. Keeping his movements small and cautious to prevent drawing attention to himself, Dean's eyes flickered to the door, before moving to glance at each archangel in turn. The four had quickly begun discussing something that Sam didn't really care about, but being distracted by talking didn't mean they wouldn't notice Sam and Dean if they made too much noise. Scolding his suddenly shaky breaths, Sam followed Dean's lead. Heading towards the exit, he allowed his legs to move tentatively to avoid detectable movements.

Muscles straining and protesting against the unfamiliar walking technique they were being forced to endure, it wasn't long before Sam's legs began trembling. Gritting his teeth together to stop the growl of frustration that wanted to escape, Sam swallowed and let his gaze snap between watching Dean and keeping an eye on the others.

He managed about ten steps before the door disappeared, only to be replaced by what looked like an extension of the dark wall surrounding it.

"Planning on going somewhere, boys?" Lucifer asked. The nonchalance behind the question made Sam want to hit something. From the way Dean's body had gone rigid, Dean didn't appreciate the comment either.

"And without even telling us why you two came here. I'm pretty sure you didn't come to meet up with any of my darling family," Gabriel said.

Dean visibly tensed. "Go to Hell."

Staring at the back of his brother's head for a moment, Sam found his expression contorting into a scowl for some bizarre reason. Their failure to get out of this place without being seen wasn't surprising, so it wasn't due to that. Nor was he pulling that expression in regards to Dean's barked out reply.

Closing his eyes, Sam shook his head. He knew exactly why he was getting this annoyed: he wanted answers, and the only people he could think to get them from were all standing in this room with him. His mind, obviously, wanted to reject the suggestion immediately, but there were no alternatives.

Opening his eyes, Sam felt his body sag a tiny bit in defeat. He truly hated his own mind sometimes.

"Cas... Well, whoever was pretending to be Cas said you were all after that." Pointing to the device that he'd been inspecting earlier, Sam chose to ignore the look from Dean currently being directed his way. Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel were the archangels for God's sake; it didn't really matter if they knew about the device initially, or whether Sam's declaration had just informed them, because the mystery surrounding it was infuriating. Plus, if either of them had wanted Sam or Dean dead, the two wouldn't be among the living right now.

"You mean this thing?" Gabriel asked, quirking an eyebrow as he gestured towards the round object sitting atop the only table in the room. Dean nodded. Lifting his head and allowing his lips to form a thin line, Gabriel casually stepped closer to the table and leant down to peer at the device. A few seconds passed where nothing happened, before Sam got impatient.

"You know what it is?"

Straightening back up to his full height, Gabriel shrugged; though his expression denied any real care, the way he continued to stare at the object betrayed his utter annoyance at his own lack of knowledge about the thing. He looked practically offended, as though it had caused him some great misdeed.

"Nope. But maybe one of my bros do." Directing his last sentence specifically at Michael, Gabriel turned to him with raised eyebrows.

Michael looked surprised by this display of expectancy, but strolled over to Gabriel regardless. Bending down to inspect the object, it took him no more than a single glance before he was standing straight once more with his answer:

"Never seen it before."

"Oh, fat lot of good you're all turning out to be," Dean exclaimed suddenly, sneering at Michael when the archangel turned to him with a glare.

"Dean," Sam snapped, somehow making the name itself sound like a reprimand.

"What, Sam? Come on! They're archangels and they don't know what a stupid round piece of crap is?" Gesturing angrily at the device as though that would help to convey his fury, Dean licked his lips. At once a sardonic smile was adorning his features when Sam's reply to his outburst was a simple, unfriendly expression.

"Why are we even discussing this?" Raphael questioned. Somehow, that one sentence gave the impression that he was only talking to his brothers, whilst also making it clear that he honestly thought that they were complete morons for even showing the tiniest hint of interest in the device.

Dean paid him no attention, and didn't give anyone else the chance to.

"You know what?" he started, looking around at everyone in the room, before letting his gaze settle back on Sam, "I'm going to sort this out."

Before Sam had time to ask him what he meant, Dean spun on the spot and practically stalked over to the device. Watching with curiosity, which instantly transformed into horror as he realised what Dean was about to attempt, Sam let out a quiet 'No' as his eyes went wide. Throwing a quick, smug grin Sam's way, and not paying heed to his unsubtle terror, Dean proceeded to reach out to touch the object.

"Dean, stop!"

Halting his hand about an inch away from it, Dean huffed. "Why not? Everyone here wants to find out what this is, Sam! Well, I say we break the damn thing; see what happens."

Sam kept his mouth closed, because if he let it open he knew that his response would be incredibly harsh. It would do more harm than good to yell at Dean. Clenching his hands into fists, Sam lowered his gaze for a second, then lifted it back up to find that Dean had begun backing away from the table. Dean's hands flailed out in obvious exasperation.

"We don't know what this thing can do, Sam. Hell, even these four freakin' douchebags haven't got a clue," he said, pointing at the archangels accusingly. "It could be a weapon."

"Or it could be a paperweight," Gabriel supplied unhelpfully, earning himself a couple of glares. Rolling his eyes, Gabriel let out a laugh that managed to sound sarcastic.

Suddenly, without warning, Gabriel reached down and picked up the device from off the table. Instantaneously, a protest formed in Sam's mind, but it didn't reach his throat before Gabriel had tossed the device up in the air a couple of times. He caught it in the safety of his palm effortlessly each time he did this, before he secured his fingers firmly around it so he could bring it closer to his eyes to get a better look.

Watching as Gabriel twisted it around in his hand, Sam thought that the device really did look unremarkable. Even at a different angle, he could tell that it had no patterns, and it didn't seem to have any bumps on its smooth surface. He would need to hold the object in his own hand so he could feel for any indentations, but he had a feeling that there would be none. What was so important about what, essentially, was a ball?

Gabriel let out a sigh, before lifting his gaze a touch until he was peering at Sam over it. His expression alone was enough to show that picking the thing up had not helped in his desire to find out what on Earth it was meant to be.

"Your guess is as good as mine," he said, chucking the device to Sam.

Caught off guard by the action, Sam was grateful when he acted on instinct to catch the object before it crashed onto the hard floor. Feeling it bump against his skin, he closed his fingers around it to stop it from moving in case it bounced back out of his hand. He was startled at how cold it was compared to the warmth of his palm, and, as it entered his thoughts unexpectedly, he had to fight the unwarranted desire to let it drop from his grip.

Coming to his senses, intending to shout out at Gabriel for the irresponsible action he had just done that could have potentially broken the device, Sam's words got stuck in his throat as any wish to speak was drowned out by the scream that burst into the room.

Blood running cold and heart rate increasing as the cry pierced throughout the room, Sam's eyes widened as he watched Gabriel collapse to the floor in agony. Shock and confusion poured into Sam immediately, though that was nothing compared to the startling concern that rapidly pushed those former emotions aside. He turned to Dean in the hopes of something - heck, anything would do - that would explain what had just happened. The expression he saw on his brother's face was what he assumed he would see if he happened to come across a mirror and glanced at his own reflection.

At a loss as to what to do, Sam turned his gaze to the other archangels, only to find that they were all staring at Gabriel with equal amounts of bewilderment and mixed amounts of horror.

Wanting to shout at them for not bothering to try and help, Sam darted his attention back to Gabriel. It was then that he understood why everyone was just staring at him, rather than trying to help. The blue specks were no bigger than ants, but there were hundreds of the things. Moving erratically in a speed much too fast for Sam's eyes to keep up with, the lights seemed to be surrounding Gabriel's form, but none were touching him. Rooted on the spot, fascinated by the display happening in front of him, Sam was reminded of the agony that Gabriel was currently enduring when one of the lights stopped suddenly, before brushing against his cheek.

The instant it made contact, the screaming increased to almost deafening volumes, and Sam had to cover his ears to try and stop the pain that shot through him. Gritting his teeth together to stop the cry that wanted to escape, his eyes closed of their own accord as Gabriel's screams seemed to transform into something feral and inhuman.

Then, as quickly as it had started, it stopped. Confusion welling into him in an instant, Sam removed his hands from his ears and opened his eyes so he could take a look at what had gone wrong. What he saw was both unexpected and horrifying. The blue specks had vanished from Gabriel's vicinity, but they hadn't actually disappeared. Staring in terror at the blue lights that were rapidly forming a cocoon like shape around his body, Sam felt a twinge of true fear rise within him as he tried to back away from the lights. His legs weren't able to move, though, and, not a second after figuring out this revelation, a spark of what felt like electricity shot into him.

Seconds later, it was Sam that was screaming.

To Be Continued

mangacrack: bloodymangacrack on 3rd June 2012 21:30 (UTC)
All four archangels in the same room, it scares the crap out of me.
But I want to know more ... even if the Summary somewhat takes some of the suspension away.

Edited at 2012-06-03 21:30 (UTC)
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 3rd June 2012 21:58 (UTC)
Heh, same here.

You will! Sorry about the summary - it's a long story, and I had a lot to cover in summing it up, so it's a bit spoilery.

Thanks for commenting :)
cjab1234cjab1234 on 4th June 2012 00:11 (UTC)
oooooo i like :)
Gr8 start cant wait to read more.
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 4th June 2012 12:12 (UTC)
Glad you do :)

Thank you!
cynassa: irenecynassa on 4th June 2012 10:01 (UTC)
This is an interesting start. And that was an evil, evil cliffhanger.
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 4th June 2012 12:13 (UTC)
Thank you :) Haha, evil cliffhangers are the best kind!
shi_moshi_mo on 13th June 2012 05:40 (UTC)
good beginning, so I'm interested where did that "paperweight" came from, 'cause it sort of looks more like smth from your icon fandom :) than SPN

also all four archangels in one room? oh hell yessss..... he-he

LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 13th June 2012 12:41 (UTC)
Thank you :)

I'm not quite sure I get what you mean by that. Do you mean, it's not a word you can see Gabriel using?
shi_moshi_mo on 13th June 2012 13:18 (UTC)
sorry replayed in the wrong tread, so I meant that thing-y sort-of like smth out of stargate
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 13th June 2012 15:53 (UTC)
You mean the actual object is something you'd more see in Stargate?

Because if that is what you mean, I guess we'll have to disagree :) Gabriel's very well versed in Earth-based things, and him knowing what such a common object is - and using it as a reference - is something I'd see as completely natural to his character.

Unless you meant something entirely different? :)

Edited at 2012-06-13 15:54 (UTC)
Jacquelyncastielfaii on 13th June 2012 12:39 (UTC)
O_O Wait's Patiently For More :-)
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 13th June 2012 12:42 (UTC)
Hehe, more will be coming soon :) Thanks for commenting!
MirageOfGrace: pic#117503026mirageofgrace on 13th June 2012 21:17 (UTC)
You've got me hooked! Waiting (no so) patiently for more ;)

Edited at 2012-06-13 21:18 (UTC)
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 14th June 2012 12:34 (UTC)
Yay! Hooked is good :D Hehe. Thank you for commenting ♥
blackmagic661blackmagic661 on 13th June 2012 23:26 (UTC)
I thought the summary sounded familar, i beta'd parts last year. Yay you've uploaded it, can't wait to see how its turns out in :) looking forward to reading the rest of it
LickleSoxy: Ponylicklesoxy on 14th June 2012 12:33 (UTC)
You did - and I can't thank you enough for it :) I'd credit you for those chapters, but I've made a couple more adjustments (mainly to chapter 2), and I've uploaded it without getting it re-betaed. I'll happily credit the beta-ing if you want me to, though :D

I was going to email you, asking if you'd be interested in beta-ing another story for me (this one I'll only send if it's finished) for a BB? If not, I perfectly understand :)
blackmagic661blackmagic661 on 14th June 2012 13:42 (UTC)
You don't have to credit me if you've changed it :) But i'd be happy to beta for you again, its fun :) just email me when you need me to beat for you :)
blackmagic661blackmagic661 on 14th June 2012 13:42 (UTC)
*beta XD
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 14th June 2012 13:54 (UTC)
:) Thank you so much! Just to warn you, the story will be long, and archangel centric, and probably gen with background hints of pairings.

If you want to back out when I email you (it'll probably be August) then I'll totally understand :)

And I'll add the credit - I haven't changed too much, and you were a big help :)

blackmagic661blackmagic661 on 14th June 2012 17:21 (UTC)
I don't mind helping :) i'll be on holiday at the very end of august though but it shouldn't take me more than a few days usually to go through long stories so it'll be fine :)
Leaheridanie on 25th June 2012 07:22 (UTC)
I already regret reading this because now I have too wait for the next chapter, and it's driving me crazy!
LickleSoxylicklesoxy on 25th June 2012 20:20 (UTC)
This next chapter won't take long to post, I promise :)